It seems like such a simple question. As entrepreneurs, we theoretically get to decide. Often we don’t decide though. We start a business, we begin to get clients, we do the work and we make a profit (hopefully). Mostly we work until we fall asleep to get up and start over.

But do we actually contemplate after the start of our business what we actually want.

If success is a journey, then what we want should define what we want that journey to look like.

Have you ever sat down to just write down how we want life to go. Good health, plenty of money, good relationships. This is a start, but can you measure good health. Shouldn’t there be some parameters?

Today, I went for a walk and all I thought of the whole time was “What do you want?” My mind wandered and wandered. I’m reading Think and Grow Rich for the 3rd or 4th time. I’m pretty sure this demonstrates my rebellion since he tells us to read it 3 times in a row so you can really get the message. The first step on the journey is a burning desire. Napoleon Hill tells story after story of people that got what they wanted simply because they decided.

For now I must be content with the question, as I have no answers. Do you know…..what do you want?