I was working my office hours the first week of school in Fall, 1992.  As Programs Director, I assisted the President of Residents Interhall Congress get the year going.

I answered the phone when the Reid Hall Manager called in their officers. President – Barry Belford, ASG rep – Barry Belford, RIC rep, Barry Belford. I hung up the phone, looked at the president Jeff and said, “Fresh meat.”

As officers we were always looking to train our replacement, so anyone that eager moved to our hot list.

A week or so later at our first meeting, cute freshman boy walked in. Ok so most people called him Barry Belford, but for the next 4 months he would be known as cute freshman boy with pretty green eyes. He always listened attentively to my officer reports, he gave up watching his Toronto Blue Jays win the 7th game of the World Series to volunteer at one of my events, only now do I know what that meant to him. He also asked me to mentor him when he both turned in our apps for Freshman Emerging Leaders, him as a leader me as a mentor.

When January came and he was assigned as my “mentee”, he spent the entire 2 hours talking about his girl friend. A week later he volunteered to help me with Hug Week, only to ask 1 minutes later What did I volunteer to do with Angela?

The first weekend we went on our first date, he asked me out for Valentine’s Day – 3 weeks away. On Monday, all my girlfriends asked me how it went with cute freshman boy. I informed them that I was not going out with him anymore because he asked me out 3 weeks in advance – I’m not making that kind of commitment. Of course, that was nearly 13 years ago now. We’ve had good times including 3 children, 2 homes and a business and rocky times including 13 months of therapy & untold months of needing therapy. Overall, I feel I put in my time as a child and have reaped untold rewards as Mrs. Barry Belford.