To take from social media, Thursdays I will throw back to the Life Writing class writing.  It’s often very raw and it’s completely unedited.


When will the flashbacks stop? Two boys, one 11, the other 9, the girl, 14. Between them the bag of flour had to last for four meals.  Carrying water from the creek to flush the toilet.  Bathing in the creek for 2 weeks.  The ladies delivering Christmas presents and food.  No one knew the teenage girl had come to live with them, so no presents for her.  Eviction again. New school again.  Electricity shut off.  We ran out of gas.  There was no propane to heat the house.  Parents are gone for 14 hours a day, so we must melt snow to wash the dishes.  Don’t forget to manage your homework and the 2 boys homework.  Oh yeah and when they fight you have to keep them safe.  No car, no home, no food.  What will we do?  The truck slowed, the familiar face leaned out the window & my heart knew safety for the first time in a long time.