Written 1/14/2005

Some time ago I came up with, refined and memorized my life’s passion statement. It’s a passion statement not a purpose statement because I believe if you live your life with passion the purpose will come. My passion is to build and empower women to see themselves as God sees them which is lovable and capable.

At first I thought I was waiting to fill my passion, but as I look around I began to realize it’s who I am. This season is just looking different that I first realized.

The first woman I’ve built and empowered is myself. You can’t give what you don’t have so I pursued healing and abundance for many years. The next two women I build and empower are my daughters Sami and Lexi. The training begins early with lots of love in as many languages as I can muster.  The training is practical starting at age 18 months when they are allowed to bake cakes.  Cracking eggs and measuring water became excellent building blocks for learning you can do anything.

For Samantha I continued to invest and empower by becoming her Girl Scout leader in 2nd grade. Each year creates feelings of busyness, frustration and excitement as I watch those young women become all they can be.  As I begin my 5th year as a leader I had to search my soul to see if I had enough passion to continue.  We celebrated our year end in June with a trip to Kansas City Zoo and Worlds of Fun. I watched in amazement as they get along, acted respectfully and were good stewards of time and money.  After that trip I was hooked probably for the life of these girls. During a time when Girl Scouts is no longer “cool” our troop has actually added girls.  So while I thought building and empowering “women” involved working with adults, I’ve come to realize what an opportunity I have to invest in young women and instead of helping them heal, I’m helping them create fabulous loving memories to counteract the inevitable hurt of growing up.