Part 1

Join Angela Belford as she breaks down our limiting beliefs and what we can do to plant beliefs that bring us freedom and emotional resiliency. In this session, she breaks down our nervous system, the concept of unpacking toxic beliefs, and starts us down the track of understanding what our body is telling us about our emotions.

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Part 2

Angela continues to break down limiting beliefs and goes over I am worthy and I am valuable. After, one of our community members shares what it’s like to feel these emotions and beliefs in our body and practice completing emotional loops.

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Part 3

In this installment, Angela continues peeling back the layers on the beliefs “I have what it takes” and “I trust myself.”


Part 4 – August 24

In the final part of this course, Angela covers the belief about belonging and feeling enough. She recaps how we can complete emotional loops and process how these beliefs impact each of us on a day to day.

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