After last week’s post about what do I want the most amazing thing happened the next day, I figured it out.  It’s very clear, I’m very definite.

I want it all.

So Tuesday through Thursday I rode high on the cloud of optimism of having decided.

Then I figured out, all is not very well defined.  It doesn’t tell you much of anything really.

What is all?

This week all means finishing my Masters in Internet Marketing while shuttling kids to camp and contemplating adding another staff member.  Now that my masters is complete wanting it all means stepping back on the scale to see how much damage I’ve done in the “I don’t care what I eat I’m in grad school” mode.

I think one important lesson I’ve learned over the last few years is that wanting it all really means weighing the cost and deciding the sacrifice is worth it.  Whether it’s starting a business, going to school or launching a speaking career, there are costs associated.  I can want it all but I can’t do everything.  Many people have said I don’t know how you have done a full time business, 3 kids while going to grad school.  It is very simple, you really have to decide what balls you are juggling that don’t ACTUALLY matter.  I’ve had to live in a bathroom that isn’t clean all the time and the laundry is rarely folded.  But the sacrifice is worth it.

The other important lesson I’ve really learned this last year is that you really only have today.  You don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  I know you are thinking duh. But while I knew this I didn’t KNOW this in my heart. Friday will come and it will go, but what have I done today to have it all.  Have I spent time with my children or was today a heavy work day? Did today matter in terms of enriching my life.

Live on purpose, so trite so overused, so underpracticed.