Angela Belford shines as a catalyst for success in the fast-paced business and personal development world. With over 25 years of experience in the Northwest Arkansas business community, Angela has honed her talents and skills to empower individuals, businesses, and nonprofits through her visionary leadership as the CEO and Senior Marketing Consultant of The Belford Group.


With her dynamic vision and fresh approach, Angela has become a driving force behind numerous successful businesses. Her innovative ideas have propelled companies to new heights, helping them thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By leveraging her strategic insights and creative thinking, Angela empowers organizations to unlock their full potential, unleashing growth, and prosperity.

Since 1999, Angela’s visionary leadership and strategic thinking have been instrumental in the growth of The Belford Group, the communication and marketing agency she co-owns with her developer husband, Barry. Together, they have cultivated a team of experts capable of transforming any idea into reality. Whether crafting complex web applications or designing user-friendly websites, Angela and her team excel at turning dreams into tangible digital solutions.


In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Angela has made a mark in the direct sales industry. She rapidly climbed the ranks from her early days as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, demonstrating exceptional sales and leadership skills. Within just 12 months, Angela achieved the coveted milestone of earning a company car, a Pontiac Grand Am, showcasing her ability to create substantial results. She later transitioned to become a health coach with Optavia, leveraging her passion for personal development to guide countless clients toward achieving their health goals.

Angela Belford’s story is a testament to unwavering determination, continuous growth, and an unyielding commitment to making a difference. As the CEO and Senior Marketing Consultant of The Belford Group, she stands at the forefront of business and personal development, unlocking the potential within individuals and organizations alike. Angela’s unique blend of expertise, captivating speaking style, and commitment to excellence make her a trusted partner for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders on their journey to success.


Armed with a potent combination of marketing management and business administration expertise, Angela Belford possesses a Bachelor’s degree from the renowned University of Arkansas Walton College of Business. However, her thirst for knowledge and dedication to mastery didn’t stop there. She continued her educational journey by pursuing a Master of Science in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, solidifying her status as a cutting-edge marketing authority. Her passion for sharing knowledge led her to the role of an adjunct professor, where she taught Internet Marketing at the University of Arkansas for a year, equipping the next generation of marketers with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

When you engage with Angela Belford and The Belford Group, you gain more than just a marketing consultant. You gain a strategic partner who understands your vision and helps you translate it into tangible results. Together, you can create a powerful brand, build innovative digital solutions, and unleash the true potential of your business. Get ready to take your business to new heights with Angela Belford and The Belford Group by your side.