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Traveling Light Book Cover

By Angela Belford

Traveling Light

If you are ready to embark on a life-changing transformation to unlock your freedom then you have found the guide for your hero’s journey.

In Traveling Light, you will learn how to-

  • Reduce self-judgment and perfectionism
  • Plant new beliefs while you redefine your sense of identity
  • Embrace emotions as indicator lights to create a sense of safety in yourself

Ready to unleash your authentic self, embrace the journey, and soar towards limitless possibilities by attuning to your body’s cues?

Join Angela Belford on this liberating journey where emotions become your greatest allies, propelling you towards unlimited potential. It’s time to travel light and unleash your true self.

Meet the Author

Angela Belford

With a wealth of experience as a business owner since 1999, Angela is a passionate life coach, celebrated speaker, and the author of the captivating book “Be Freaking Awesome.” Bridging the gap between theory and real-life application, Angela offers a down-to-earth approach that resonates with individuals seeking tangible personal and professional growth. As a devoted wife, mother of three adults, mom by marriage to two, and proud Lala to Henry and Peter, Angela’s loving spirit extends beyond her professional pursuits.

 Through “Traveling Light,” Angela inspires readers to navigate their personal journeys with courage and authenticity. With her expertise and heartfelt storytelling, she empowers individuals to embrace their true potential, conquer their fears, and create lives filled with purpose and fulfillment. 

 Join Angela Belford on a transformative journey of self-discovery, shedding emotional baggage, and unlocking inner strength. Get ready to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and embrace a future brimming with possibilities. 

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