The last post was getting ridiculously long, so for the evening adventure, I began again.

I met Lizz Porter, last year at BlogHer and continued our friendship at Type A Conference. Her bio says, “Heh. The short version. Thing number one, I’m tall. I’ve been told I should have a warning on my blog, so here it is! I am taller in real life than I appear on the internet.”

Lizz Porter, Funny Girl that is tall

Lizz Porter, Funny Girl that is tall

When I think about blogging and feel intimidated, it’s because I’ve met such amazing bloggers like Lizz. She’s witty, she’s smart, she isn’t catty that I’ve seen, EVERYONE loves her and she loves people easily.

One of the things I was really looking forward to about coming to San Francisco was to get to have a few minutes of one-on-one time with Lizz.  She was generous enough to ride the BART in for an hour to go to dinner with me.

I got to see a lot of downtown while we decided which restaurant. I was of no help whatsoever because I wasn’t super hungry after eating the truffled mac & cheese 3 hours earlier.  Some people may have thought we were lost, but I saw a sign that said, Not all those who wander are lost (which I found out is a quote from JRR Tolkien).  That’s how I felt, we were wandering.

We settle on Sauce.  Which is down an alley that is filled with restaurants that have built awnings and put up plastic walls to extend their restaurant into the alley.

Alley full of restaurants

Alley full of restaurants

View from my table at sauce

View from my table at sauce

As we read the menu, I knew this was the perfect place. One of their side items was a bowl of bacon!!! I hope someone in NWA is reading this that can add that to the menu.

Appetizer Menu at Sauce - a bowl of bacon - heaven

Appetizer Menu at Sauce – a bowl of bacon – heaven

I decide I must try the Poutine.  After explaining what it was and how whenever I’m in Canada, I never feel like trying it, Lizz laughed at me and joined me in eating it.  It’s potatoes, cheese and gravy, what’s not to like.  We’re pretty sure it’s still not the kind they serve in Canada.

Poutine - San Francisco Style

Poutine – San Francisco Style

Notice in the background is Lizz’s appetizer, deviled eggs with a slice of bacon. I’m telling you heaven on a plate.

Lizz is so entertaining to listen to that I’m not sure I was the best conversationalist. I would just ask her questions and then listen and laugh a lot.

With the poutine, I couldn’t think about an entree, I was definitely saving room for dessert.  She had posted the poutine and a friend commented that we had to try the Dessert Sampler which is what we were leaning toward anyway.  WHAT A GREAT DECISION!

This really is how we felt, just dive right in.

This really is how we felt, just dive right in.

On the left is cake bites, then PB & J smores with ice cream in the middle, strawberries laying in whipped cream and brown sugar, Cro-Nuts (croissant dough fried like a donut) with a brown sugar dipping sauce.  OH MY GAWD!!!  Oh yeah and Lizz overwhelmed with possibilities.

I was ohhing and ahhing and yumming that I became a non-versationalist. This is what was left when we were done.

After the dessert sampler

After the dessert sampler at Sauce

With dessert instead of coffee we had a Kentucky Mule, which is whiskey with ginger beer and lime juice served in a chilled copper mug. It’s a great sour drink that was perfect to go with all this sugar.

After walking back to the BART station with Lizz, I couldn’t figure out where the bus stop was to get me back to my hotel and it was only 6 blocks so I decided to walk.  I travel alone a lot and I rarely feel afraid.  Last night was an exception. My cell battery was at 2%, and 6 blocks felt like 6 miles as I encountered all sorts of probably really nice people.  They just made me a little nervous, so I walked faster.

And look, I’m fine.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!